The Building Kit is a product for making custom buildings in Cinema 4D.  The idea came when I was working with other products for making cityscapes like City Kit from Greyscalegorilla, City Rig from C4Depot and Metropolitan from Videocopilot.  These products do a fantastic job generating cities, but I wanted to create my own buildings.  I wanted a tool that was flexible, that was drag and drop.  Anyone who does modeling knows it's not a speedy process and I wanted to test a lot of options quickly.  Fast and customizable, that was the key, and I couldn't find a product like that anywhere.  So I made my own.

What's beautiful about The Building Kit is any variable in the product can be customized.  It's got a library of 55 architectural styles to start with, but if you want something that isn't there already you can create your own custom piece of geometry in a few minutes, throw it in the rig and invent a whole new style.  Materials.  Number of floors.  Outline of the building.  Iterating patterns.  Everything from beginning to end has a library of presets AND the ability to add your own. 

I didn't know if artists would want to work entirely in The Building Kit product or use the kit to model 80% of a building and then create a bunch of details by hand.  So I modeled a bunch of details by hand.  Roof tops, HVAC systems, signage, fire escapes, antenna masts, a helipad and more so you can put as much or as little effort into creating new buildings as you want.

And animation.  You can collapse the whole rig down to a single polygon object if you want, but you don't have to.  Because the product is built around Mograph your building can be a motion graphics element as easily as it can be a static model.