I have a new FREE model for you only available in C4D.  

This is a concept car called the Navajo designed for Alfa Romeo in 1976 by prolific automotive designer Bertone.  The car never went into production and, to be frank, from what I’ve read it probably wouldn’t have been a very good car.  BUT it looks awesome!  Bertone designed a ton of concept car styles for a variety of companies and some of them were put into production including the Ferrari 308GT4 and the Lamborghini Countache.

There is a whole 80s retro-future design theme I’ve seen over the last couple years incorporating DeLoreans or those angular DeLorean-esque cars.  I haven’t done any work in that vein, but I love it and when images of the Navajo popped up on a website somewhere I was pretty sure no one had modeled it.  And I wanted to.   

The model itself is just a shell.  If someone wants to model an interior for the Navajo and share it with the community, I’d be happy to update the file with credit to the creator.  I don’t have time to do it.  

Happy rendering!